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Security Level Up: Keep Your House Away From Burglars' Reach

Increase your security level. This is probably the common advice you will get from security agencies around the world. With all the burglars lurking around, the possibility that your house can be the next target is not low. That is why you have to assess if the security your house can give is enough to drive burglars away from your vicinity. Check the security level each part of your house can give you and learn what to do to heighten it.


Security Level: LOW 

Statistics show that the security level your door can give your house is very low. In fact it is the best entry point for burglars. Unfortunately, most houses have cheap door locks that will not stand a chance with a burglars powerful kick. One swift kick paves the way for a burglar and feast in your home Madison Locksmith. To tighten up security, the door should be given much attention simply because it opens the biggest space and gives the easiest access to the house. How to prevent this from happening?

Increase your house's security level by replacing your old lock with a double cylinder dead bolt lock. This dead bolt lock has two keyholes that will require keys on either side of the door to gain access. This will slow down the burglar from accessing your home. But that doesn't stop there. For more security, let your residential locksmith install a peephole on your door. Make sure it is the wide one and always, USE it. You can add a chain lock too. After checking for the locks, check the screw that is holding the lock and the hinges on the door. If the screw is 1 inch long replace it with a longer one. The strike plate must be longer too. Make sure it can accommodate six to eight screws that will fasten your door firmly. A firm door will give the burglar a hard time to break it even with his best kick.


Security level: very LOW 

Another part that makes your house vulnerable is your window. Instead of providing you security, windows can serve as a spy-hole for burglars to see what is inside your house. This also provides an entry for them because most of the time, windows are left open by homeowners.

The only way to patch up this problem is to install a lock in your window together with a latch. Window bars are also advisable as it is difficult to detach them without using some tools. To increase that security level, you can also put window slammers into it. Stash window is also a good idea as it effectively locks the window.


Security Level: Average 

When burglars can't access the front door, their next option is the garage. That is why it's very important to install security devices to it. Don't opt for an electronic push button as it is very easy to manipulate. Instead, go for a big heavy-duty padlock. Do not forget to attach a wheel clamp or boot to your vehicle's wheel to ensure that it cannot be moved.


Security Level: very Low 

When you think everything is all covered. Don't miss your lawn. You might want to trim the shrubs where burglars can hide. Another important thing to remember is to provide lighting for your house. Burglars hate to be in the spotlight. So you better install a lighting that is complete with a motion sensor that can detect any motion in the lawn.

Increasing the security level in your house is one of the things that you will never regret doing. Burglars will always go to the house that provides easy access. Don't give them that. If you make it difficult for them to rob your house, they will just walk away and look for the next target. So the trick is, if you can't stop them from robbing you, slow them down.